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WA Edler

Original Science Fiction Stories...and a bit more!

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About WA Edler

I grew up in Canada, married a girl (sorry ladies) from the UK, lived and worked in Haiti as a missionary and now live in the UK.  As you might imagine, I'm a bit confused about nationality.  But probably not as much as my three boys whom we have dragged around the world between Canada, the UK and Haiti.

In Haiti I worked as a lecturer in Biblical Studies and Registrar at Emmaus University of Haiti.  Missionary life can be challenging at times, especially in a country like Haiti that suffers under extreme poverty and sometimes political instability.  But it was also filled with joy as I fulfilled the calling of God in my life and experienced His grace and presence in the midst of hardship and alongside His people.

I now work in the UK office of the same organization that sent us to Haiti.  It has been quite a challenge to transition from working in Haiti to working in the UK.  But I trust that God is still guiding our family and I am looking forward to what He has for us here.

What is this site about?

This site is a place where you can read original sci-fi stories for free.  The stories are divided up into short episodes that can be read in only a few minutes.

Science fiction is a genre that I have always loved and I enjoy spending a bit of time here and there trying to add to that genre.

I have also included the transcripts of some sermons that I have preached just in case you are interested as well as some other thoughts.

I hope you find something here that you enjoy and perhaps that makes you think!

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