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WA Edler

Theology, Politics, and Science Fiction


What is this site about?

Why theology, politics, and science fiction?

The simple truth is that I am interested in all of these things.  Theology is my profession as a lecturer in Biblical studies at Emmaus University of Haiti.  Politics is something that has fascinated me since my high school social studies class.  Finally, science fiction has been a love of mine since I watched Star Trek and Star Wars as a child and Stargate with one of my good friends as a teenager.

So, on this website I would like to bring together these three interests of mine.  I'll write about some of my thoughts on the Bible and theology.  Also I'll share some ideas on politics, especially connecting what the Bible has to say to current events.  Finally, I would like to write some original science fiction stories.

I hope you find something here that you enjoy and perhaps that makes you think!

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About WA Edler

I grew up in Canada, married a girl (sorry ladies) from the UK and now work as a missionary in Haiti.  As you might imagine, I'm a bit confused about nationality.  But probably not as much as my three boys whom we drag around the world regularly between Canada, the UK and Haiti.

I work as a lecturer in Biblical Studies and Registrar at Emmaus University of Haiti.  Missionary life can be challenging at times, especially in a country like Haiti that suffers under extreme poverty and sometimes political instability.  But it is also filled with joy as I fulfill the calling of God in my life and experience His grace and presence in the midst of hardship and alongside His people.



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